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Announcement of the Selection Decision - Prequalification

The Jury of the “International Architectural Design Competition for the Thessaloniki ConfEx Park” met in video conference on Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of December 2020 for the Prequalification procedure. The Jury reviewed all 116 Applications submitted on the basis of the Qualification criteria and according to the Competition Regulations.

Following the above evaluation and as provided in Section 3.10 of the Competition Regulations the Jury selected the Applications that qualify to proceed to the Design Competition and shall be recognized as Competitors, under the condition that they provide the Evidence and Documents of Section 3.11. of the Competition Regulations. The Jury also proceeded to the selection of three (3) additional Applications, ranked in order of preference, that may replace any of the qualified Applicants, if so required, according to Section 3.10. of the Competition Regulations.

Selection Decision